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What is Troutspotting?

Troutspotting is an iOS app that helps you discover great places to go fly fishing. Over 15,000 streams and rivers are displayed on a map with other information such as stream flow (via USGS Stream Gages), local fly shops, and stream access points.

How much does it cost?

Troutspotting s free. There are no subscription fees. If you find the app useful, consider making a donation to organizations that help protect our environment such as: Trout Unlimited, The Western Native Trout Initiative, or The Trust for Public Land. (Troutspotting is not affiliated with these organizations, but we like the work they do).

How do I use the app?

Troutspotting is used to discover rivers and streams that contain fishable water. You can search for a river by name or by viewing a map. Regulations and laws vary from state to state, so it is strongly recommended that you check published regulations for up-to-date details. Also keep in mind that access to a river may be limited based on land ownership. Never trespass on private land. Not sure? Check state regulations or hire a fly fishing guide.

Does Troutspotting show me detailed fishing locations?

The maps in Troutspotting are intended to be used as a starting point when planning a fishing trip. The app does not provide precise locations since this may lead to overcrowding or may damage the environment. Usually, the best locations require some exploration and a good amount of hiking. Some additional resources to consider when planning a trip:

Which rivers and streams are listed in Troutspotting?

Troutspotting contains maps over 15,000 rivers and streams. Generally, if a state wildlife agency makes recreational freshwater fishing maps available online, they will be included in Troutspotting. The following list of state wildlife agencies provide detailed recreation maps online that are used by Troutspotting:

How do I save my own points of interest on the map?

Tap on the map screen and press down for a couple of seconds to create a personal marker. The marker will look like the following image:

Where do I send a request for support?

Send an email